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Help with information on Relocating.

I am trying to relocate from a family domestic horror, and have been planning to do so. I lost my job but have been seeking a new one. It's getting annoying and tough out there. Yet, I have managed to pay off all of my debt and my health insurance up till the end of April 2012. I used up my savings traveling to interviews and trying to locate an affordable place to move.

My mother was diagnosed with severe narcissism with sociopath/psychopathic tendencies. My doctor has up'd my dosage of Zoloft to 50mg from 25mg. It does help with the anxiety, but I do not want to be turned into a zombie to deal with this situation. In addition to seeking a new job, if I find one, I would hate to be here another 6 months to a year or more trying to save for a move. I would like to move us out west to Southern California. I will be severing contact with my family here.

Does anyone know of any Organizations, Businesses/Corporations, Philanthropists that may be able to offer assistance to help me relocate or raise money to go out West? I know it involves a lot, but will do wonders for my children and me mentally. All I require is financial help. Counseling does no good when I have to keep dealing with the same. I have no more to offer here, and am wilting.

Any information, suggestions, and prayers are welcomed.

Thank you.
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disabled and need to relocate nearer to medical care

Hi everyone. I am a 60 year old disabled person who has serious multimedical issues - many made worse by bad docotors but no lawyer would take the case because state malpractice laws are made to make it harder to win the more doctors involved. I am living well over an hour away from all of my doctors and am trying to find a way to relocate into Dauphin County, PA. I have pets which makes it harder but they are also what keeps me going. To complicate it more I have low income and because of being a fall risk need no stairs to deal with. I am not sure what direction to turn. Anyone have any ideas for me?
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grandmother in need of financial assistance

in need of financial assistance to relocate
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Mother and child NEED HELP!! Move out or Relocate...ASAP!!

I am a 35 y/o with things I need to sort out, I have been married almost 12 yrs to a man who doesn't appreciate ANYTHING...I NEED to get out of this situation but have NO way to do that. My family has their own problems, I have an 11 y/o daughter who is the light of my lifew. WE NEED to get the hell out. I have No car, no money or anything...WE ARE willing/prefer to relocate, IF anyone can help or has any kind of advise it would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Thanxs for reading/posting-God Bless! :-)
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help me get outta here please

i need to relocte my lifes now in danger an imblamed for things i didnt do the police herte are twisted an worse off then the enimies themselves. im scared an unsure where to turn if there are any help or referals, links are ideas on how a single mom with very little income can relocate out of state with help please i pray i can receive it from you . u would be saving my daughter an my life from horrific things in action here . i am so stuck cant seem to make a right choice no more im living on a 327.00 income a month an 200,00 foodstamps. i dont no how to get help my family is deceased an no one to turn too.
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i am so desperate to get out of this place but i dont have the money to move. I am a hard worker who is attending online college classes to better my life. If someone needs a good hard worker ive done everything from cooking to roofing houses to secretary if someone could help me relocate i would pay them back as soon as i get on my feet.

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Ideas for resources??

Is there any programs that help a client to move in Gresham? 

I rent an apartment and a contractor discovered black mold across the whole back wall about 30 square feet. The conditions are so bad that the support beams are rotted through.  My mom and I tried to remove my belongings but we got so physically sick that we had to leave it.  My doctor states that I am not to go back in.  I'm now homeless and "couch-surfing" but need to move into a new apartment. I work full-time but am low-income. I have an attorney but she said that it would be months and months before I get a settlement and I need to find a place to live ASAP but don't have the money to do so.  I can deal without my furniture and stuff but I need a roof over my head.

The landlord tried to give me a 10 day eviction notice, then a 30 day and then 60 (because I kept telling them I wouldn't sign because it's illegal notification).  Now they are not taking even responsibility even though I had nothing to do with the mold, they installed air conditioning and didn't do it right.

I found a couple of resources but I live in Gresham and they only handle Portland area. 

Any ideas would be really appreciated. 

(photo AFTER contractor spray it to contain mold)


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About RaineyDay

I need help. I need to relocate, but the area I own property in is doing poorly in the realestate market. If I can find a way to get $50,000 from the three properties it would help a lot. I owe back taxes and some utilities. We are also helping my daughter and her fiance who are about to have a baby. I fee likeI am drowning in debt. 
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Help us...! please...  

About Help us...! please...

 Hello Sweet America!

 When everyone has lost their hope and their reasons to love...I still Believe - I still wake up with a smile and try to spread the love by smiling all day and greating people that walk by me and I try very hard to instill the 'long lost' manners in my children.

I do have 4 (four) little kids (under 9) and unfortunately I have no other family.  I have no sisters, no cousins, no sister-in-laws to keep me company or give me any morale support.  Even the husband I thought I had, decided to abandon us physically and emotionally.  

 I am battling a lost war, I'm left with an unfinished house, so I have to make do with alot of hand-me-downs clothes, recycled furniture, very late payments, etc, etc.!!!

 I was just wondering if there was anyone out there that would be willing to help me out in finishing my house.  I also need to re-locate, so would anyone be so kind as to chip in on moving costs or at least point me in the right direction...

 Everything doesn't have to be money; if you have skills, you can help me organize a garage sale so that i can clean out the house at the same time be able to pay for some backed up bills... you can give me advise, you can lend me your shoulder to cry on, you can help me clean up my back yard, paint the house, help with anything, just keeping me company is good help for me...

please feel free to contact me at    I am selling alot of school uniforms and alot of other stuff, toys, used but good wood equipments etc..etc..

I would really enjoy a listening ear...! And some HELPFUL advice

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About elivan

I am a Hispanic male, healthy, 44, 5 11, HWP, very hardworking and responsible, looking for a contract marriage and so I can start a family, I would like to relocate to the country for the right woman, the last few years have been a rollercoaster but I can see clearer now and want to start over, I am living in Ca right now, I would have communication with women between 28 and 42, smart, compassionate, happy, have a job, kids ok, HWP, clean and healthy, thanks for reading and God bless


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About brokinangel

HELLO,i AM 30 yrs old and have been paralyzed from the chest down since I was 14 due to a motorcycle wreck I live in kansas and the climate causes me a great deal of pain due to my injury I desperetly need to relocate to a warm weather climate and wanted to relocate to tucson arizona,I survive on $700.00 disability I live in lawrence,KS and it has the highest unemployment rate per capita in the state and in the winter I can't manover my wheelchair through the ice and snow and have lost several jobs because of not being ableto get to work,cause I wasn't even able to get to my vehichle IF THERE IS ANYONE WHO CAN HELP ME I WOULD FOREVER BE IN YOUR DEBT ,BUT I NEED HELP DRASTICLY SO IF YOU CAN HELP EVEN THE SMALLEST DONATION WILL HElP  THANX AND GOD BLESS.

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About Lioness424

I am needing help to relocate from Florida to Ohio to be with my terminally ill mother.  I am a widow on a fixed income.  I am not looking for a loan fom overseas! 

I will take any help I can get, maybe a volunteer who could load my belongings & drive them to Ohio, even a monetary donation would be appreciated.  I can eventually pay you back any money after I am settled in Ohio.  I do recieve DIC from the military but what with paying my current bills I don't have anything extra for the move & I don't know how long my mother has.  I am not asking for free money, just an HONEST caring person or persons who will help.


Thank You for listening,


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About blckwulf83

i am needig to find a way to move to lewisville,tx to get away from my crazy ass ex-girlfriend! is there any way out there that someone can help?

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About Cynn

Hello to all!  I'm a single mother of two, a 15 year old girl and a 5 month old  boy.  I'm currently living with my aunt in Georgia but things are kind of hectic in this house.  I sent my daughter to live with her dad a year ago because I was getting evicted out of my old apartment.  At the time I wasn't sure that I was pregnant and moved to Florida to stay with my ex until I got back on my feet but that didn't work out so I went back to New York to stay with my best friend until I came back to Georgia.  My son's father is a retired Navy petty officer that is no where to be found.  The last I spoke with him was a week before I went into labor.  My daughter is being neglected by her dad in Baltimore.

I used to be active duty in the Navy and now I'm a reservist but 238 doesn't cover barely anything.  I can't look for work because I don't own a vehicle to get me to an interview.  I have to rely on my little cousin to take me to the doctors and to drill one weekend a month.  Out of the 238 a month comes out my life insurance which is about 32 month and then my retirement which is 23 a month and then comes the taxes.  If I don't drill for the month my life insurance is backed up till I do and sometimes that's about 90 dollars out of one check.  Some might say cancel the insurance but God forbid anything happens to me I need to make sure my children won't suffer financially. 

My aunt really doesn't want me living here and I don't want to be anywhere where I'm not wanted.  I cook, clean and watch her 2 year old daughter daily but it's never good enough and when I do have a little extra cash I have to help her out with her own bills and she's a R.N..  I was enrolled with Devry online to finish my bachelors but once I was evicted from my last apartment I haven't been back since.  Can't really look for work with no car, no public transportation and no baby sitter.

I'm 32 years old and scared for me and my children's future.  I was looking for a shelter but they're all dirty and I don't want to put my son through that.

I need help and I don't know where else to look.  I don't want to give up hope but the feeling is there.

If anyone can help me out in this trying time please do.  I need a home for my children; I need a means to get me back on my feet.  If I have to relocate I have no problem with that.  Anywhere where I can start fresh is welcoming.

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About wfayal

A series of events have twisted my world. Having health problems, I need to relocate to be able to get better medical help. I just need help to move. Not sure what to do but not give up.

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About thom05

My family really needs a fresh start.....we have been through illness, death, and other horrible issues....and we are tired and broke....we finally found our dream house..with a rent we could afford. BUT we cant afford the cost of security deposit, or the cost of getting there. This would be so one daughter is very artistic, and they have a school of arts there......We just need money to get there....I am so sad, I want to do whats best.

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As mentioned above, we may be able to help each other.  I'm a divorced hard working father raising my children.  I'm currently in need of a female/single mother(2 children max) room mate who is willing to share a home with a male, (who by the way is NOT seeking a "hook up") and willing to relocate to my state.  If so, I'm offering FREE ROOM AND BOARD in exchange for caring for my school aged children, with the exception of my 3 year old, while I work during the day. This would be a win-win arrangment for the both of us.  I only ask that you be drug free, responsible, and relatively young.  Reason being is because my outgoing cargiver is in her mid 50's and has several health issues which posed a problem with her many doctors appointments, at least twice weekly!  So if this soulds like something you or someone you know may be interested in, please email me and we'll go from there.

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in need kenken  

in need kenken

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Single Mother In Need Of Relocation Assistance


I am a single mother currently living in Ohio. I am in need of $3000 by July 9, 2007 so that I can relocate to South Carolina. This amount includes Uhaul rental ($800), gasoline ($300), and home rental deposit ($1700), and utility deposits ($200)

I am relocating to South Carolina to advance my career. Unfortunately the company does not provide relocation assistance. I have already accepted the position, now I just need to find the finances to relocate before my start date (July 9, 2007). This move will be one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I am barely making ends meet due to the rising cost of living, and ever increasing gas prices. This oppurtunity will enable me to provide financial stability for me and my son.

If you can provide any assistance I would greatly appreciate it.

If you can not provide any assistance I just ask that you keep me in your prayers.

Thank you for your time.

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Relocate for work

Hi, I have a great long term job waiting for me but I have no money to get there or to get a place to stay once there. I have no credit and my savings are drained.
I need about $1500 or so to make this work. Any help offered will be greatly appreciated. If you want to write to me thru this site I will answer your questions. It is difficult enough to ask for help, let alone putting it out in the public arena like this. I truly hope there is help here as I am trying to get my life back on track.

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